deborah mora

As a visual artist and designer, I collect, create and manipulate images as a way to enact non-verbal storytelling.

Translating the sonic to the visual through live audiovisual performances, immersive installations, visualisers and album artwork covers, my practice has a strong connection to music. It expands and diversify through multidisciplinary collaborations with sound artists, musicians and djs, movement artists and dancers, writers, theatre and art directors.

My main interest has been on live A/V performances. I employ film, 3D animation and visual effects to create narratives that enhance the musical experience. I use the screen as a source of light and scenography to influence the atmosphere of the space and the perception of the people.

My research dives into human individual and collective perception, and touches upon different thematics that are present in our visual and music culture. Through my exploration between sound, space and movement, I research immersiveness, sensorial experiences and social interaction.


2024, March
Amsterdam, NL

Concept Development, Content Production and Live VJ at DGTL 2024 - agency Studio Raito

2024, January
The Hague, NL

‘I’m Trying To Speak The Language Of My Eyes, Vertical Video at Amare

2023, December
Rotterdam NL / London UK

Visual promotion for Elicit Records VA01 - Connected

2023, November
Enschede, NL

TETEM Development Week Residency - research on embodiment and multi-sensorial experiences in multimedia spaces

2023, October
Amsterdam, NL

Shoal x orah ‘Terugblik’ A/V installation at ADE: Minimal Collective x De School

- interview “Spaces of experimentation: How clubs facilitate the reimagination of art”

2023, October
Amsterdam, NL

Concept Development, Content Production and Live VJ at DGTL x ADE - agency Studio Raito

2023, May
Amsterdam, NL

Shoal x orah ‘Terugblik, Live AV FIBER Festival
- interview “Looking back whilst creating the new: An interview with Shoal and orah”

2023, June

Visual Promotion for Monument Festival (Oslo) [link 1, 2, 3]


creative direction

deborah mora

design and web development

szymon eda hernik

Supported by

Stimulerings Fonds